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About Positive Leadership

About the model

The Positive Leadership model began as an outgrowth of Adam Seaman’s, curriculum creator, term as Board President of Leadership Tulsa in 2002. He refined his methodology to include research from a wide range of social sciences in order to make Positive Leadership as useful as possible.

Our Purpose

To enhance community leadership across the nation and beyond by providing quality content and personable, responsive service to our partners.

About the author

Adam Seaman is an organizational development consultant and executive coach in practice for the past 15 years. His mission is providing people with tools to navigate the psychological and social plane. He has worked with a wide array of organizations from public and private sectors. Past clients include Pepsi, Ford, Honeywell, United States Navy and Williams. In addition to supporting clients from a wide variety of industries, he has also worked with employees at all levels, from the front line to the executive suite.

This breadth and depth of experience helped him formulate the concepts that resulted in the Positive Leadership model. His purpose is to articulate relevant and insightful principles of leadership that are universally applicable.

Overview of Content

Positive Leadership is a curriculum designed specifically for community leadership programs.

Positive Leadership is about harnessing the potential energy when people come together—social force. Positive leaders take actions that evoke positive reactions. To enhance one’s social force, we focus on seven timeless capacities: authenticity, purpose, advocacy, resilience, community-building, reason and gratitude. These capacities are well-documented under a field of research known as Positive Psychology. The curriculum provides a rich experience for your participants to grow together through lively group discussion and personal development activities.

Curriculum Topics



Leadership is not a title or position. Community leaders often need to mobilize others without having authority over them.



Authenticity is an in-depth process of self awareness, self acceptance, self development and self assertion.



Leaders must learn to discern and articulate their personal purpose as well as the moment-to-moment situational purposes that arise.



To effect change, leaders must make their case for a cause in a way that engages others in order to bring about needed results.



Resilient leaders have the capacity to bounce back when things become challenging, allowing them to endure.


Community Building

Leadership is not a solo sport. It’s important to share progress and strengthen other community members capacity for leadership.



Leaders that align their personal views with the world as it really is increase their social force and ability to enhance the community.



Positive leaders recognize the truth that communities thrive based on the contribution of many. The capacity for acknowledging the efforts of others provides positivity and renewal.


“The concepts are rich and clear.”

“Positive Leadership brings coherence and a unified voice to our discussion of leadership. The concepts are rich and clear.”

– Lynn Harwell Algrant, Program Facilitator, Bergen LEADS

“For us, it was very turnkey.”

“We really enjoy using Positive Leadership in our program. For us, it was very turnkey. We work with limited budget and manpower, but the readings were nicely laid out and the discussion activities tied it all together. It provided us with a common theme from our orientation all the way through to graduation. I highly recommend this program.”

– Amanda Beller, Executive Director, Leadership Siouxland

“Positive Leadership was a great addition to our curriculum this last year.”

“Positive Leadership was a great addition to our curriculum this last year. It was the perfect tool to deepen the leadership learning and weave together all our sessions from month-to-month. I would highly recommend it to all community leadership programs.”

– Lora Wondolowski, Executive Director, Leadership Pioneer Valley